A Superior Burger in NYC

When a veggie burger takes home the title of “Burger of the Year” in GQ, it raises the eyebrows of vegans and carnivores alike. Vegans typically consume enough veggie burgers over the course of their plant-based lives to know that there are many satisfying and palatable varieties of veggie burger out there—burgers that debunk preconceptions of rubbery, flavorless soy hockey pucks.

It’s uncommon, however, that someone accustomed to eating cows has enough of an open-mind to see a Superiority Burger for what it is: a juicy patty with the right combination of flavor, texture, and toppings, to make you wish you had ordered at least one more.

Superiority Burger, started by nineties punk-rock drummer Brooks Headley, offers delicious vegetarian (and vegan) counter-serve items with a menu that’s ever-changing. While the superiority burger is the main attraction, the nightly specials are just as worthy of mention: stuffed sweet potato, white bean cole slaw, burnt broccoli salad, and the list goes on.

image1 (3)
Delicious vegan options at Superiority Burger

A word of caution to anyone planning a visit: be prepared to take your meal to go. This establishment only offers six cramped seats against the walls. If you’re lucky enough to snag one of these rare spots, placing the narrow folding down table in front of you will make you feel as though you’re strapped in securely for a thrill ride at Six Flags. You inevitably bump elbows with your neighbor trying to get a bite into your mouth.

Maybe this experience is all part of the Superiority’s allure? Either way, I’ll definitely be back here to see what other specials are introduced and fully explore the dynamic menu. My next trip will probably have to wait until the weather is warmer though, so I can have a sprawling, Superiority picnic outside.

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